Ya estoy de vuelta

A muchos no os importará mucho y lo entiendo, por lo tanto, no me alargaré. Simplemente quería apuntar que ya he vuelto de mis vacaciones y que, a partir de mañana, volveré a activar el blog. Nueva York es fantástica pero el jet lag de la vuelta está siendo criminal. No voy a ir de mártir porque muchos me mataríais y con razón. Un abrazo y gracias!


5 Responses to Ya estoy de vuelta

  1. Menos mal que vuelves a dar señales de vida en el blog, porque tras escucharte en la radio esta semana pensaba que te ibas a olvidar de tu web.

    ¿Has podido descubrir si sigue abierta la oficina de Laporta en NY con motivo de la franquicia fallida en Miami?

    Ya se te echaba de menos.

    • Nisa dice:

      I think if we look at the bigger piutrce, last night was a big success for the team. 1. KG did not go to Phoenix. That alone is a massive win for us. And, it now looks very unlikely that he can get there. Because Minnesota refuses to take on Marion and Phoenix refuses to give Amare, the only way KG ends up in Phoenix is if a third team facilitates. Minnesota wanted picks, young players, and cap room. So, Phoenix was actively trying to use Atlanta, Charlotte, and Boston to make the deal work. With the Ray Allen and Jason Richardson deals, Boston and Charlotte now can’t help Phoenix out. Atlanta scored in the draft and appears unlikely to get involved. So unless Minnesota agrees to take Marion or Phoenix agrees to give Amare (both unlikely), Phoenix looks out of the running. This is a big win for us. 2. Assuming Kobe didn’t ruin our chances at Garnett with their phone call, we now have the best 2 way offer. GS has a big trade exception from the Richardson deal (9.9M), but can’t use it directly in a KG deal they must turn it into a big expiring deal. Those big expiring contracts are Ratliff, Kwame, and Kurt Thomas none will be available to GS. So, their best offer probably must involve Harrington and Ellis/Wright. Harrington’s deal is long and large likely prohibitive to Minnesota. Dallas also is involved, but they only have long term contracts to make salaries work. So, I think we can trump either with Odom/Bynum/Kwame. Odom’s deal is only 2 years and Bynum is better than the young players others can offer now that the lottery picks don’t appear to be in play. We are also the only team that can offer to take back Hudson/Jaric in a deal. So, if KG is willing to come and Minnesota is desperate, we should be involved again. 3. Crittenton fell to us. While we agree he might not be nba-ready, he is a tremendous trade asset for us. The teams we most want to deal with (Minnesota, Indy, Sacramento) all need a point guard. We can offer Crittenton (the unanimous third best PG in the draft), or Farmar in a deal. And hopefully add the Greek as a veteran starter. Indy didn’t trade into the draft and neither Minnesota or Sacramento took a point guard. We can now offer Indy something like: Kwame/Bynum/Crittenton for Oneal, and Sacramento: Kwame/Crittenton for Artest. I think we greatly improved our tradeable assets in the draft. 4. Gasol and Sun provide frontcourt depth. Any big deal for us will deplete our frontline depth as we’d be giving multipe players from Kwame/Bynum/Odom. Gasol appears nba-ready, even if he has a relatively low ceiling, and can be a nice backup with Turiaf off the bench. So, while not making a big deal last night was disappointing, I think we improved our ability to do so. And, remember, KG is still available and Phoenix now looks out of play. Think how disastrous things looked on that front a day or two ago.

    • This really transforms our potential on defense. While Gasol is not a great defender by himself, his size will allow us to play a different type of defense — one that has a much higher ceiling for shutting down teams, forcing low percentage shots, and creating turnovers. The transformation began with the addition of Bynum’s shotblocking, length, and rebounding, but adding another 7 footer completes the process. Last year, Kwame was a strong one on one interior defender, but things fell apart against the pick and roll or penetration. Because we had no shotblocker, we had to switch on the pick and roll, leading to Kwame covering a guard and our point guard scrambling to pick up a big down low (which in turn led to too much help from others down low, leading to open shooters at the 3 pt line). When guards penetrated into the defense (which happened most possessions with Smush up top…), our bigs either gave up layups or fouled, leading to early penalties and too many minutes for our (weak) bench. Before his injury, Bynum and Fisher really improved the defense. Bynum’s presence made it much harder for penetrating guards to get those easy scores, especially once he learned to alter shots without fouling. Fisher and Farmar were better (but still average) at preventing penetration. They also were more dogged in fighting through the pick and roll, though still also admittedly mediocre there. But, we still had a relatively low ceiling defensively (compared to the best teams) as Bynum really did nothing more than avoid fouling on the pick and roll (allowing guards to turn the corner or take the midrange shot), and there was no secondary shotblocker to attack the ball if it came inside when Bynum was elsewhere (Turiaf is getting better at this, but he still fouls too much and is a little undersized). Too often, Bynum was out of position or just unable to cover all the ground by himself as the ball moved inside, and the team either gave up easy baskets inside or had to overhelp and leave shooters open at the 3 pt line. Now, with Gasol’s added size, we can employ the Spurs defensive model. While some teams try to pack it in and force teams to shoot outside, San Antonio has traditionally used their strong perimeter defenders to pressure the ball on the perimeter and feed action into their twin towers. They have always tried to pair Duncan with a strong, long, secondary big — from Robinson to Nesterovic to Oberto and Elson today. Having two interior defenders really opens up the defense: there is always one 7 footer positioned to pick up penetration (especially helpful when one gets dragged outside in a pick and roll); one big can usually roam and alter shots from the weak side, as most teams only have one strong low post scorer; the two bigs can switch inside without causing real problems; there is always one 7 footer positioned to battle for rebounds (crucial in preventing offensive rebounds when the shotblocker runs out to alter a shot); etc, etc. While Gasol isn’t recognized as a brilliant defender, his sheer size will allow the Lakers to really attack the ball on the perimeter and inside. Kobe and Ariza can roam around with a little more freedom to try and cause havoc with strong double teams and in the passing lanes (a la Jordan and Pippen). Add in Odom’s size at small forward and the Lakers should be able to be able to attack the ball, rotate without causing matchup problems down low, create turnovers, and generally force bad shots and control the boards. There just aren’t a lot of teams that throw out two mobile 7 footers, a 6’10″ small forward, and an all defensive shooting guard. Once Bynum is healthy and Gasol is integrated, I expect them to be one of the top 2-3 teams in FG% allowed — a key stat for any contender. Combine that with the fact that NO ONE can matchup on the other end with our size and Kobe’s all around offensive dominance, and we should be just overpowering. (I just cannot wait to see Amare struggle with Bynum while Marion is giving up 5 inches to Gasol and Hill is giving up 5 inches to Odom. Good times.)

  2. Jeje, acabo de leer en el artículo anterior que no miraste nada de la oficina de NY, si te dejan hacer seguro que lo hubieses conseguido.

    Pero hay alguien que te hubiese señalado con el dedo: “També ens venen crítiques de hipócrites que diuen que son del Barça i no ho son”


  3. Anna dice:

    Vuelves!!! ya pensaba que te quedabas por alli,jajaja.



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