Iniesta merece el Balón de Oro

Por calidad, títulos y comportamiento, Iniesta merece el Balón de Oro. La organización determina tres parámetros a tener en cuenta para votar por el Balón de Oro. Calidad técnica, comportamiento y títulos conseguidos. Siguiendo estas premisas, es defendible que Iniesta merece el galardón.

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6 Responses to Iniesta merece el Balón de Oro

    • Ozye dice:

      Hans-Otto from Germany, September 22, 2012 at 10:53 PM Das Hotel wird von der Besitzerfamilie geffchrt. Die Familie Terzi (Besitzer) ist sehr freundlich, anenhgem, aufmerksam, kompetent. Das Personal ist sehr zuvorkommend. Wir haben es genossen, dass in diesem Hotel das Frfchstfcck am Tisch serviert wird. Die Kfcche ist hervorragend.

    • Connie dice:

      There are loads of clubs who have overspent in attempts to stay in the top flight of their football leagues. I can’t say for the rest of Europe, but in the nearly 20 years of the Premiership we have seen Leeds go from Champions League semi finals to Div 1 (they did actually go bust – how they stayed in the League is a mystery only the FA and Ken Bates will know the answer to), Southampton nearly go bust and drop from Premiership to Div 1. Ditto Sheffield Wednesday, Leicester City, Charlton Athletic. Portsmouth could well go the same way, how they get on this season remains to be seen. Hull owe shed loads and are in trouble.Football clubs survive only on the constant injections of cash by mega-wealthy businessmen using them as vanity projects. Very few make profits, once their debts are taken into account. My own local team made a loss of several million last year, despite a fairly good season. They only survive because they have a new cash rich owner.If you think this is a good model for the national finances, God help us all.

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  1. filomeno zambudio dice:

    ¿iniesta quén carallo é? (pregunta de luis tosar)

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